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Looking for a vehicle that is engineered for the streets, look no further as a used Micra is the perfect choice for you to challenge all conventions in car design, comfort and performance. When a pre-owned Micra is combined with the ownership benefits of Nissan Intelligent choice, peace of mind is guaranteed.

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Nissan intelligent choice: The obvious choice for pre-owned cars

When buying a pre-owned car, what do you expect it to do? 1. DRIVE YOU FROM A TO B or 2. DRIVE YOU UP THE WALL OR would you rather get? 1. RELIABILITY or 2. A LIABILITY With Nissan Intelligent Choice the answer is obvious - option 1, where certified pre-owned cars are exclusively available from Nissan Intelligent Choice dealers so that we can guarantee the highest quality and an incredible driving experience and ownership journey for you. Terms and conditions apply

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Choose fun, Choose Micra Active as the perfect used car for your everyday thrills. More value for the owner that needs an economical and efficient city driving car. When a pre-owned Micra Active is combined with the ownership benefits of Nissan Intelligent Choice, peace of mind is guaranteed.